Hello everyone. 

      It has been awhile. It takes me a bit more time these days to comment.  I do not know how to influence our counsel nor the mayor.  Its time to make my comment.    I just hope I can wake up the mass to see what has happened.

First now think about this .. really think about this. 

When you .. yourself have a project you must make a budget and a plan , time line to which it had to be done. 

When our city counsel decided and voted on to use our GENERAL REVENUE ACCOUNT for the flood the mayor himself brow beat all of his underlings into saying and voting yes.  Why?  I can only guess.   A)  No one is held accountable on how GENERAL REVENUE is spent.   There are no checks or balances in place to account for the flood re-leaf money. 

I find it funny our memory of the highest paid counsel in Canada has been lost.     The mayor and the counsel that are being paid very well played with the 52 Million that was marked for home owners. $200 each home owner.    What did they do? They saw the opportunity to use it as ... MARKETING for their re election.   PUT IT ON A GAME SHOW ... the mayor thought he could perused the public to give the city the money.   The people voted .. stated give it back. 

The counsel did not.   The Mayor why did he not give back the money when every one voted to give it back?  My guess ... This vote .. we have another 55 million about 225$ each home owner.    so .. What could of happened with out the flood .. the mayor would give all of the home owners their money back .. Total of $425 each house owner .. that's a lot of positive for a vote.  

The City of Calgary before the Flood was over 3.7 BILLION DOLLARS IN DEBT and was having problems with payroll.  Think ... how many people have retired and are receiving funds from the city?  Now .. lets add in how many are working now?  Lets find out if we were in trouble...  I bet we were ... we are.  Now hidden because all the flood money was dumped into General Revenue ...  now they are all hero's ...  is this just me ..    This is why running in this election is a farce.   Good luck .. but this is  a joke.

The City and her citizens are being toyed with.  I for one do not like being toyed with.  BRING HONESTY INTEGRITY and TRUTH back into politics .. stop laughing .. it can be done.  GET the flood money put into a different account and have a firm deal out the money so we the public can see were it goes .. so it can be honest.   What is so difficult? 

Am I Crazy .. yes but please think about this.  It is going to effect generations no just ours.  

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