Gary Mar and Allison Redford seem to be the most competent for running the PC party. The major problem is that you have too many incumbent MLA's who share Ed Stelmach's arrogance of sitting on the fence and taking accountability for making mistakes. Too much infighting and pettiness amongst current PC MLA's who are more concerned about moving up the ladder rather than listening to the concerns of their constituents.


The Alberta Party have clearly stated their platform. 


There needs to be a forensic audit of the Health Care System and the Educational system and fire those administrators who have mismanaged the government funding of our Health Care and Educational system. The systems are top heavy in administration that is rampant with yes people who are running the system into the ground. We do not have funding shortfalls but gross misspending.  Listening to the front line workers on how to create a cost effective system would be the solution. At the moment everything is made from the top down hierarchy who are totally out of touch with financial fiscal realities. 



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