CLF Participation In City Council Plan It public Hearing

On behalf of the Board and 207 members of the Calgary leadership Forum I wish to express
my personal appreciation to our speaker Team, James Maxim, Steve Chapman, Charles Hansen
and Ron Edgar for their persistence, and effectiveness
After four days and more than 100 speakers for and against, council proposed more than 70 amendments to Plan it. When administration to reports back sometime in the fall, we trust there will be a positive response to our submission (which can be seen at ), including
* Proposal for the Establishment of an Independent Citizens Task Force to Assist City Council to Reconcile
Conflicting Data & Ensure the Success of the Proposed Municipal Development Plan
* Opposition to density targets that could result in the wholesale redevelopment of established communities
* and two dozen additional positive, proactive recommendations.
Justice Louis Brandeis once said: “The most important political office is that of a private citizen”, and now more than ever is the time for city government to listen to its citizens
Brian Lee, Chair
The Calgary Leadership Forum

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