At the Annual meeting held Sept 15th, the Calgary leadership Forum elected its Board of Trustees for 2009 - 2010;
President. Brian Lee
Vice Pres. James Maxim
Treasurer. Bob Martens-Poole
Secretary. Elaine Burak

Amanda Achtman Delores Pilsl
Don Thompson Gabor Zinner
Nomi Whalen Ron Goodfellow
Suzie Dixon Toni Hegge

Membership currently stands at 712.

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Comment by Roberta McDonald on October 4, 2010 at 9:45am
As a candidate for the Public School Board, Wards 1 & 2, I will work towards more Choice for parents regarding the school their child can attend. Most parents will naturally choose the school nearest to them, but if you have a special needs child or you wish your child to have special training in a program, such as language training, there should be no trouble to choose that school, provided you arrange for the transportation yourself. In fact we should look at the whole issue of transportation as a cost saving item. Also, teachers in their classrooms should have the most say about how they manage management and discipline for their students. More ideas are included in my book Be That as it May!, 2008. Email me for more information.

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