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Calgary-Lougheed Candidates Debate - December 10, 2017



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Meet the Future Premier Series – PC Leaders Hot Seat & Reception

Event #1 - Featuring Ric McIver, MLA Calgary-Hays
Sunday, August 17th
Meet and Greet 1:00 to 1:30pm
Brian Lee Residence 45 Slopes Road SW
Map Available at
For more Information 403.607.7444
Not open to Media
Hosted by
* The Calgary Leadership Forum
* The Canadian Club of Calgary
* Kirby Seniors Centre

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Calgary Public Flood Preparedness Information Session

Calgary Public Flood Preparedness Information Session

Wednesday, February 26

Bowness Community Hall

7904 - 43 Avenue NW

Time: 5 p.m. to 8 p.m.

The information sessions are a drop-in format, allowing residents to attend the event at their convenience.

For further Information Erin Carrier

Communications, Flood Recovery Task Force


call toll free within Alberta dial…


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The Election and the flood

Hello everyone. 

      It has been awhile. It takes me a bit more time these days to comment.  I do not know how to influence our counsel nor the mayor.  Its time to make my comment.    I just hope I can wake up the mass to see what has happened.

First now think about this .. really think about this. 

When you .. yourself have a project you must make a budget and a plan , time line to which it had to be done. 

When our city counsel decided and voted on to…


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Forum for a Flood Free Calgary

You’re invited to attend The Forum for a Flood Free Calgary featuring a faculty of world class experts speaking to the Roundtable Mission To ““How to Prevent or Minimize the Risk of Future Floods”, (and avoid the nightmare scenario – ‘What if it happens again next year?’), presented by The Calgary Leadership Forum, in association with Economic Development Calgary


Sunday,Sept 22nd:

*12:00-1:00pm - Registration &…


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PC Leadership Race

Gary Mar and Allison Redford seem to be the most competent for running the PC party. The major problem is that you have too many incumbent MLA's who share Ed Stelmach's arrogance of sitting on the fence and taking accountability for making mistakes. Too much infighting and pettiness amongst current PC MLA's who are more concerned about moving up the ladder rather than listening to the concerns of their constituents.


The Alberta Party have clearly stated their…


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poll results

Get real! The poll results have been padded by the campaigners. Ridiculous! As bad as it gets.

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What's Your Vision for the Future of Calgary?

This is your opportunity to share your thoughts and insights with the greater CalgaryLeadershipForum community. You never know what might spark or ignite as caring and concerned citizens share their vision for the future of our great city!

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Request for support to protect the budget and current service level for the Calgary Grief Support and Spiritual Care service, within Alberta Health Services.

From: Ann Blough

Subject: Request for support to protect the budget and current service level for the Calgary Grief Support and Spiritual Care service, within Alberta Health Services.

The last 13 years Volunteering at the Rockyview Hospital helping the Chaplains, grief support counsellors families with loved ones in Intensive care and intensive coronary care.

I observed first hand amazing trained professionals help people dealing with major loss and sever… Continue

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Board of Trustees 2009 - 2010

At the Annual meeting held Sept 15th, the Calgary leadership Forum elected its Board of Trustees for 2009 - 2010;


President. Brian Lee

Vice Pres. James Maxim

Treasurer. Bob Martens-Poole

Secretary. Elaine Burak


Amanda Achtman Delores Pilsl

Don Thompson Gabor Zinner

Nomi Whalen Ron Goodfellow

Suzie Dixon Toni Hegge

Membership currently stands at 712.

For further information please… Continue

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Annual Mtg With Preston Manning

Thank you for inviting me to attend this "event"!
You always have the most interesting & diverse grp of people at your events! I always enjoy myself, & appreciate being "included" on your Invitation List! My Grandparents, & Parents were very avid supporters & Voters for the Social Credit Party, & thought highly of Ernest Manning.

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Enthusiastic About Life

My vision as a Graphic and Visual Arts representative is to not only give a client the tools to better their business, but to educate them on how they work.
Too many Web and Graphic designers have the “Trust me this is good for you.” attitude, instead of a “Let me show you, then you’ll see what I mean.” attitude.

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CLF Participation In City Council Plan It public Hearing

On behalf of the Board and 207 members of the Calgary leadership Forum I wish to express

my personal appreciation to our speaker Team, James Maxim, Steve Chapman, Charles Hansen

and Ron Edgar for their persistence, and effectiveness

After four days and more than 100 speakers for and against, council proposed more than 70 amendments to Plan it. When administration to reports back sometime in the fall, we trust there will be a positive response to our submission (which can be seen… Continue

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Public Transit

As the City unleashed the launch of a new LRT station in Crowfoot this June weekend, expansion has been painfully slow and missing a key area of Calgary: west. While there is an epidemic of NIMBY syndrome (Not In My Back Yard), with our citizenship reaching well over one million, our rapid rail is well behind other major cities. I would like to see the city invest the money it spends on downtown parking lots put towards the LRT expansion WEST. The infrastructure (Bow Trail) is the most obvious,… Continue

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