The next session of Speakers’ Corner will be held at Tomkin Park at the corner of 8th Street and 17th Avenue SW on Sunday, September 8, 2013 commencing at 1:30 pm.

The topic for discussion will be:


Speaking for the affirmative will be Dr. Mohammad Korshid, Mohamed Hassanin and Dr. Yaser Ghanam.

Speaking against the right of the US to intervene will be Aaron Doncaster

Dr. Khorshid is a medical doctor (Neonatologist) who works at the Alberta health services hospitals. He was born and raised in Syria. He left Syria when he was 30 years old. His direct family still lives in Syria. Dr. Khorshid works on the Tele-health intensive care project inside Syria and other medical relief projects including sending medical supplies to field hospitals in Syria. He is one of the founders of the Syrian non-violence movement and an active board member at the Syrian Expatriates Organization (SEO) and a member of the Canadian Relief for Syria (CRS)."


Dr. Ghanam is a Syrian activist who settled in Calgary 6 years ago. He has been an active member of the Syrian community in Calgary since the beginning of the popular uprising. Over the past two years, he participated in organizing a number of humanitarian aid campaigns for Syria. Dr. Ghanam holds a doctorate degree in Computer Science, a minor in Engineering Management and two concentrations in Psychology and Applied Mathematics. Dr. Ghanam serves as a board member at Horizon Academy Institute. He currently works as a Systems Analyst for a multinational company. Dr. Ghanam has direct relatives inside Syria and some others who fled Syria in the past year. 



Mr. Hassanin was born in Egypt and moved to Calgary when he was 11 years old.
He just completed his Master’s degree in bio chemistry at the U of C. He has published one article, has finished a second and is working on a third. He has just accepted a research position at Alberta Biophotonics which specializes in the production of high sensitivity DNA, protein and ion detection instruments. He will be pursuing his Phd in the same topic in the beginning of 2015.

Mr. Doncaster is an athiest who grew up Sydney Cape Breton, an Island in the north of Nova Scotia rich in music, culture and a history steeped in unionism  and class war

Often describing himself as a working class anarchist and socialist, Aaron first became politically involved  with the progressive conservative party of Nova Scotia as a teenager.  Within a few years  he crossed to the NDP and served as President of the NDP Cape Breton West riding association for a period of time.

During his first major political convergence, the Summit of the Americas in Quebec City, Aaron was rounded up by the Quebec police and thrown in jail in what was his first of 5 political arrests. Being part of antig-lobalization action that saw the Canadian state unleash chemical weapons(CS gas) and rubber bullets against citizens of Canada,while arresting 400+ citizens, was part of a process that lead to Aaron being pushed into identifying as an anarchist.

Some of the social justice groups in Halifax Aaron was involved included The Halifax Coalition against poverty, Haiti Action Halifax, Block the Empire, the Halifax Peace coalition and the Halifax May Day Committee, a group that was instrumental in bringing international workers day marches and rallies back to the streets of Halifax after over a 30 year absence. He was also involved in the Occupy Calgary movement.

Aaron believes we should be the change we want to see in society


Members of the public will have an opportunity to voice their views on the topic of the day as well as, time permitting, on such other issues as may spontaneously arise after the topic of the day is covered.

Speakers’ Corner is presented and organized by the Zinner Law Office, assisted and sponsored by the Calgary Leadership Forum under permit from the City of Calgary.


For further information contact Gabor Zinner at:

Tel: 403-269-2516

Fax: 403-264-9446


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