1.  03. Financial Responsibility , Reform the City's purchasing policy in favour of open and competitive public tendering. Total Votes: 133
2.  06. Transportation , Improve emergency snow removal. Total Votes: 105
3.  09. Transportation , Seek provincial financial support to extend the LRT to the SE, Airport and Mount Royal College. Total Votes: 91
4.  01. Financial Responsibility , Limit maximum City Tax increases to the rate of inflation. Total Votes: 82
5.  13. Housing , Prevent urban sprawl while encouraging city growth in housing choices & affordability. Total Votes: 70
6.  19. Sustainability & The Environment , Continue to expand the city's recycling policy and processes. Total Votes: 69
6.  04. Financial Responsibility , Abandon the City's 3 year closed budgeting policy. Total Votes: 69
7.  08. Transportation , Create a more pedestrian and bicycle oriented transportation system. Total Votes: 67
8.  12. Public Safety , Refrain from cutting the Police and Fire Department's proposed 2011 budget. Total Votes: 66
8.  07. Transportation , Reduce the high cost of downtown parking. Total Votes: 66
9.  10. Public Safety , Build the Barlow Trail airport tunnel. Total Votes: 60
10.  21. Customer Service , Reduce red tape, bureaucracy & improve customer service at City Hall. Total Votes: 55
11.  16. Planning , Revise the City's secondary suites policy to insure it is applied fairly and consistently. Total Votes: 46
12.  22. Electoral Reform , Allow online voting (to improve 32% voter turnout). Total Votes: 44
12.  14. Housing , Provide continuous leadership to eliminate homelessness. Total Votes: 44
13.  15. Housing , Shift the cost of city growth through a fair levy on new housing development. Total Votes: 43
14.  02. Financial Responsibility , Reduce the size of the City's $860 million budget reserves. Total Votes: 40
15.  25. Citizen Engagement , Improve citizen input on budget and policy issues. Total Votes: 39
16.  11. Public Safety , Improve policing and security at LRT stations. Total Votes: 37
17.  18. Planning , Reform and simplify the city's 750 page Land Use Bylaw Total Votes: 28
18.  23. Electoral Reform , Reform Election Expenses Legislation to make it more open and transparent. Total Votes: 25
19.  05. Transportation , Allow an 'Open Taxi' policy to the airport. Total Votes: 22
19.  24. Electoral Reform , Prohibit City Council Members charging taxpayers for their dry-cleaning. Total Votes: 22
20.  17. Planning , Permit the licensing of a small # of chickens per household. Total Votes: 7
21.  20. Customer Service , Lobby the federal government for public input on cellphone tower locations. Total Votes: 4
22.  Write-In: remove In Camera sessions from Council Meetings Total Votes: 1
22.  Write-In: Make City staff contact info available on the web Total Votes: 1
22.  Write-In: Make all major policy proposals, all budgets, and all major developments & redevelopments subject to an ERCB type of process, where both the proposer and the City must provide information and must answer questions from affected citizens. Total Votes: 1
22.  Write-In: stop water fluoridation to protect and improve the health of our citizens Total Votes: 1
22.  Write-In: Improve access to SE area by finishing 52nd ST ASAP Total Votes: 1
22.  Write-In: Hold police to account both their budget and their brutality Total Votes: 1
22.  Write-In: Streamline approvals for sustainable development Total Votes: 1
22.  Write-In: SW Calgary Ring Road Total Votes: 1
22.  Write-In: get rid of Centre St bus trap Total Votes: 1
22.  Write-In: free parking at LRT stations! Total Votes: 1
22.  Write-In: Transportation: Get the SW Ringroad DONE! Total Votes: 1
22.  Write-In: Central organization & co-ordination of city departments and events Total Votes: 1
22.  Write-In: be able to view every decision city council makes and who voted yes or no to the ideas Total Votes: 1
22.  Write-In: Undertake fewer road construction projects at one time so that each might be completed more quickly Total Votes: 1
22.  Write-In: 99% of this list is big government lefty initiatives, reduce the god damn taxes Total Votes: 1
22.  Write-In: Working together as Council and between departments Total Votes: 1
22.  Write-In: Put LRT underground in downtown Total Votes: 1
22.  Write-In: Protect public health by passing bylaws to phase out non-essential pesticides, reduce tobacco use in Calgary Total Votes: 1
22.  Write-In: Planning:Quatum shift in respecting the quality of life in existing communities and absolute clarity, full disclosure, and uncomprimising ethics in Council and Adminsitrations and Committees dealing with developers.ngs with deve Total Votes: 1
22.  Write-In: Planning: prevent development of currently zoned green spaces. Total Votes: 1
22.  Write-In: Revise city budgets to improve access to resources for women/children in crises or abusive situations. Build more homeless and women's shelters and create more programs for families faced with abuse Total Votes: 1
22.  Write-In: Planning , Make it mandatory for the Development Authority to give equal consideration for the community's position on a development permit, instead of always taking the developer's position as gospel. Total Votes: 1
22.  Write-In: Sports and Rec policy, provide more funding to build better sport facilities (i.e. Artificial Turf Rectangular fields at regulation sizes for sports) Total Votes: 1

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